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Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety

Worry Less. Accomplish More.

Does the thought of a test make your mind cloud with worry? Can you feel your chest tighten during an exam? If your stress level soars and the answers elude you even though you studied, you may have test anxiety.

There are tests you can take again and again; others are a one-time deal. Why put off facing your fear and risk more disappointments when there is a solution!

I have been helping people overcome various performance anxieties for nearly three decades. Whether you’re struggling with class quizzes, high school finals, or licensing exams, I can help you do better. In fact, the skills you learn to overcome your test anxiety will help you overcome other obstacles in life.

Overcoming text anxiety

Test anxiety feeds on the unknown. But when you discover what causes the anxiety and learn new skills for mastering the fear, it can no longer control you.

In essence, it’s all a mind game. Your thoughts influence how well you test. A little anxiety is normal, but when it floods your mind, it hinders your performance. You can take control. We’ll work together to recognize just what holds you back during testing. You’ll learn how the brain works so you can win the mind game.

Just as athletes prepare mentally to achieve their best, you can learn mental strategies that help you test smarter under pressure. Although not a substitute for studying the material, these mental strategies will help you be in the zone so that you can get the most out of your hard work.

Athletes train under a coach. In the same way, I will coach you to train your mind. We will work together to create a unique individualized approach that will overcome anxiety, maintain focus, and control your emotions during the challenges of testing. I will help you find the ideal state of mind that yields optimal performance during testing so you get the score you deserve.

I’ll coach you to stay calm and focused under pressure with a few simple tactics. Using your new skills, you can achieve the optimal state of mind before testing.

Practice enhances your control over your mind and reinforces what you learned. We’ll run through your performance plan so that the techniques you learned become second nature to you by the time that you’re in a test situation. Continue to practice and you will obtain that extra edge that will not only overcome testing anxiety, but also rise above many of life’s challenges.

How long does it take to get results?

The program consists of three phases (8-12 sessions total), but many clients report a positive change after the first visit. The length of your customized program depends on:

  • the extent of anxiety you experience: is it limited to testing, or does it affect other areas of your life?
  • the presence of other stressors (such as worries about relationships, job, etc.)
  • the effectiveness of your study habits and organization
  • how much of the training you apply and how much you practice

What you will learn

The first phase (1-3 sessions) teaches you basic self-calming techniques that you can put into practice immediately. You will learn how anxiety works and how to detect its symptoms before they overwhelm you. A smoke detector alerts you to danger before a fire is out of control. In the same way, the early warning system that I’ll help you internalize will alert you before your anxiety becomes unmanageable.

The second phase (2-4 sessions) will teach you to extinguish your anxiety through self-calming skills, such as self-hypnosis, and to stay focused under pressure. Specific physical, mental, and emotional routines will help you banish any self-doubts, manage stress, and take control during testing.

The third phase (2-5 sessions) emphasizes practice. Before taking your skills live, you will rehearse visually, which involves seeing and experiencing yourself effectively using your newly acquired skills and performance plan. According to brain science, visualization strengthens those areas of the brain you use to manage anxiety.

Fee and session details

Typically health insurance covers this program on a session-by-session basis. You pay by the session, so your fee depends on your plan’s defined “specialist” co-pay. If you have an insurance deductible, you would pay what is known as the insurer’s “allowed rate.” This varies according to the plan you have. You can call my office with your insurance information and find out exactly what the cost will be.

The first visit is 75 minutes and subsequent visits are 55 minutes.

Ready to get started?

Tests are a fact of life. You may get only one chance at a test, so let’s make that chance count. To take the next step and discuss how I can help you, contact me at 585.262.4070.

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