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Anxiety & Worry Management

“Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.” ~ Swedish proverb

Anxiety & Worry Management

You could be experiencing anxiety if:

  • you worry a lot and are overly concerned about what could go wrong.
  • you find yourself exhausted by day’s end from driving yourself too hard due to worry.
  • you find yourself fatigued, irritable, apprehensive, and tense for no apparent reason.
  • you have physical stress-related signs such as nausea, headaches and nervous stomach.

The good news is that there are treatment approaches that can help relieve you of this stress. Effective help is not about removing all anxiety entirely; not all anxiety is unusual and unhelpful. Counseling can help you see the difference between helpful and problematic levels of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders that I work with:

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder
  2. Panic attacks
  3. Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  4. Performance, audition or test anxiety
  5. Social anxiety

How Anxiety is managed

Anxiety is not a thing that happens to you; it is a process that you are a part of. Effective help clarifies this process for you, allowing you to experience more comfort and control.

To control anxiety, you will develop skills to interrupt and manage negative and persistently troublesome thoughts. You will learn to use specific skills such as self-scanning, early warning sign recognition, relaxation training, how to reduce physical tension, controlling excessive worry and dealing with real-life problem situations. In between sessions, homework and practice are an important part of the program. A notebook is always helpful. Long after you have successfully completed your work here, you’ll have a record of the tools that helped in case you need a refresher in the future.

My treatment can help you:

  • Interpret and manage negative, irrational or persistently troublesome thoughts.
  • Produce calming and soothing responses to stress.
  • Diminish worry, restlessness, irritability and insomnia.
  • Increase your resiliency to both short- and long-term stress.

Hypnosis and Anxiety Treatment

Hypnosis assists with the early recognition of anxiety’s warning signs, allowing for more control and preventing anxiety from escalating. Hypnosis increases the ability to learn specific skills and behaviors that enhance the capacity to calm oneself so that non-reactive, comforting self statements can be heard—statements that lead to calm, rational healthy decisions, not fear-based, anxiety-driven reactions.


If you or someone you know spends their days worrying, constantly feels anxious, or stressed make the call today at (585) 262-4070. I will be happy to review with you a good treatment plan and work with you to become more rational and calm leading to a more relaxing and positive lifestyle.


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